The Long Story

AUDIOSTAGG was first formed in the summer of 1989 in Modesto, CA by two friends influenced by the music they grew up with; primarily the British heavy rock scene- UFO,Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and other guitar and bass-driven heavies of the 1970's and early 80's. Greg Gould and Steve Niles were connected and driven by their shared passion for music, and as young teens they expressed their drive through pantomime on tennis rackets in their childhood bedrooms,and then taught themselves how to play the guitar for real. As they reached their 20's, they set off on separate musical paths; Niles playing in his first band and Gould producing and engineering for various groups. After years of traveling different roads, they reconnected creatively to form AUDIOSTAGG.

Joined by Mark Bradfute on drums and Collette Bias on bass, Gould and Niles rehearsed in Gould's one-car garage with various vocalists drifting in and out until one stuck. Mykal Fury made himself known in 1989 and became their front man THUS THE BAND WAS BORN.  In a rented studio downtown early 1990, the band began writing and recording songs for their inaugural, self-titled album which was never officially released. Bradfute and Bias had since been replaced by Dave "The Beast" Watkins on bass and Rob Berthelson on drums. They circulated through the rock club scene in the SF Bay area and the California Central Valley. Under heavy competition, AUDIOSTAGG worked hard and was able to gain a following of fans and club owners..

 In 1992, on the eve of the release party for their next album????, unfortunate events occurred. Drummer Berthelson  could not perform.  AUDIOSTAGG was unable to take the stage.  It was decided by the remaining members to take the opportunity to re-work the membership and asked both Berthelson and Watkins to step away. Nevertheless, 13-track Dilemma was released, including the unanticipated hit "Squid", a wacky punk anthem that continues to be the encore favorite.Needing to fill the two vacant positions quickly in order to get out and support Dilemma, the guys went on a search and within four months, the slots were filled. Korey Keathley on bass and Jim White on drums became permanent members.For 2 years the group toured regionally with the Gould/Niles/Fury/Keathley/White line-up supporting acts like Vicious Rumors, Great White, Quiet Riot, etc. (From Fresno to the Bay Area to Sacramento) During that time,There was an ongoing combative atmosphere brewing between some members about they way things should be, and the group cohesiveness eventually became frayed. After many confrontations and considerable debate, Fury, tired of it ,walked away in late 1994.
AUDIOSTAGG continued writing and recording instrumental tracks while searching for a suitable new vocalist. A few challenging years followed. The music industry was changing. The scene was knee-deep in "Grunge" thanks to intensive media attention to this "new form" of rock, with "Alternative" quick on its heels. However, AUDIOSTAGG stayed true to their original style, and even built a recording and rehearsal studio to support their creative efforts.

Late 90s for the band was a search for a vocalist to replace Fury.  Enter Marko Bustamante who  had been with other Modesto-area bands who occupied the same bill with AUDIOSTAGG in the early part of the decade. They asked him to come out and audition. After sharing musical influences they were impressed with each others talent and style.  all agreed it was a good fit. Immediately, they began writing new songs and reworking previously written material. With Bustamante now on vocals,In the fall of 2001, AUDIOSTAGG released the 4-song EP/CD, Electric Medicine. This release showcased the potential of the new line-up with a heady brew of chemistry, powerful songwriting and talent.Though the band continued to write new material and play live to support Electric Medicine, by late 2003 it was evident the members were feeling burned out,witch led to there and this lead to the dissolution of AUDIOSTAGG...For a time..

With in the next two years each  experienced intense feelings of loss and disappointment.  Greg in 05,discovered myspace and facebook and began more actively networking, marketing and sharing the music and the story of AUDIOSTAGG determined not to let the music and everything the group had accomplished die.  This resulted in more interest in the band than ever before from people all over the world,  Sharing with strangers was only somewhat rewarding. Gould realized how much he missed making music with his old friends and decided to reconnect with his band mates to explore what might be possible. from that 07-08 brought a reunion of sorts when they were invited to headline a show at Fat Cat in Modesto California.  with Jim White on Drums and Bustamante on Vocals...  In 2009 the band began work on Vigor & Nostalgia and by mid 2010 for reasons not to clear, when with trying to finish the record and talk of  touring Bustamante and drummer White opted out.

     Korey, Steve and Greg felt this was an opportunity..  to bring back the original chemistry, feel and power of the band with original members Mykal Fury on lead vocals and drummer Rob Berthelson who were unavailable at the time  or the 07, 08 shows, both were tied up with other endeavors IE. Mykal's "Tribes of Man" and Robs southern street rock band "DAM". But by the time that  Platform Studio was erected word came down to both desired members were now available and very interested as well .... with a few excited phone calls  made a first meeting and jam with them was set!

Time line April 2011..original drummer Rob Berthelson is back and it a big way!..However on the other hand the band could not quite bring things back together with Mykal Fur y... }:-(

    With a twenty year celebration and  another 20 plus songs set to record the next decade is set.

  "We have a new album is in the works. We have been shooting footage for years documenting our history for a movie that will  be finished at some point in the future. And most of all we are looking forward to creating and finding new ways to share our music and vision. With all the positive attention coming from our fans all over the world, that has strengthened our belief in our own music and drives. We would like to continue to work together as artists and brothers and share our music with you. Thank You!"